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Zillow gets creative in hunt for tech talent

Tech talent is in demand and real estate is just one industry courting the best and the brightest software engineers. Of the 123 current job openings at Zillow, just over half (62) are for technology positions. Tech positions also make up a ...

Why a handwritten note is my secret weapon

You get home from work, and on your way in you pick up the mail. You leaf through and see a bill, a bill, a flier, a bill ... Ooh, a handwritten envelope! You immediately want to open it to see who sent this lovely piece of mail to you. Why did you react this way ... regrets, bulls and bears, and underestimate Redfin at your own expense

Anyone who underestimates Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman is crazy. Quirky, yes. Direct, yes. Master fundraiser, yes. True entrepreneur, yes. Irritates the hell out of the industry, yes ...